Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pioneer's Performance Wi-Fi Speakers and Receivers With Apple AirPlay(R)

Now you can enjoy awesome digital sounds from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod anywhere you go. This will find your iPhone music files through a WiFi network or directly through the USB port. Take all of your music with you wherever you go and play the files on a high fidelity system designed for digital media.

Pioneer's new WiFi Speaker A4 XW-SMA4-K is actually a radio or powered Speaker system to receive AirPlay®. Connect to your wireless network and turn your iPhone or iPad to iTunes and your music will play on your Pioneer Speaker System.

The sound is great as the speakers include 3 amplifiers for the multiple speaker design. The Speaker has a 5 driver design with Dual 77mm Mid-ranges, dedicated 100mm Sub-woofer, 20mm tweeter and Triple 10w +10w +20w Amplifiers.

This powered speaker system is like a digital boom box with powerful sound. AirPlay® is built in with iPhone, iPad, and iPod digital connectivity. It also has a USB port for playback as well as charging. The unit also has HTC Connect with HTC One series of phones.

Pick it up like a boom box and take it anywhere. There is also a smaller rechargeable model great for pool side or beach. If you don't have network access, use the USB port.
The take anywhere Pioneer performance sound system is great for home, college dorm, office or anywhere you like to listen to music.

Similar Pioneer products like their Surround receivers all have AirPlay® features as well as the Home Media gallery that finds your music files and plays them through your home or business network. With the Pioneer and Pioneer Elite receivers you can view your music files on the TV screen as well. Most of the Pioneer receivers can be connected to your network directly with an Ethernet cable to your router, or you can purchase the WiFi accessory AS-WL300. The wireless adapter specifically designed for the Pioneer receivers is powered by the receiver's rear USB port next to the network Ethernet port. It is best to use a direct Ethernet connection as the accessory WiFi adapter is problem prone with some WiFi routers.

The best place to purchase Pioneer Audio products is from your local Pioneer dealer where you can get support and help getting it programmed and up and running the way you wanted it to. Local home theater dealers can also support you with service and questions as they arise. Check with Pioneer for your closest authorized retailer.

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